Trail 2
Trail 3

Terra Monster Found

Help Brennan

You’ve made it into the caves, now to find Brennan. He’s just up ahead but appears to be in a spot of bother! Help him deal with those pesky Ouaddans.   

Moss Madness

Once you have dealt with the Ouaddans Brennan will ask you to help him while he leads you through the caves. Moss has been growing at an alarming rate on the rocks inside of the caves apply some cream to the rocks to kill off the moss. Watch out though, Joltermites love Moss so be prepared to battle before you can apply the cream! There are 5 rocks [2b][2c][2d][2e][2f] you must apply moss to go to each one. Once you have applied Moss to all the rocks find Brennan near the exit of the cave [2g] and then exit the cave.

Farewll Ignitler

After exiting the cave speak to Brennan, he’ll ask you to do one more job. Defeat some Ignitlers. The Ignitlers are spread around the clearing[3b][3c][3d][3e][3f], defeat them all and return to Brennan.  

Find Zina

Brennan seems unduly concerned with Zina heading on without you.

Hurry find Zina!

On the way the player will hear a couple of horrific screams symbolised by a camera shake… Something is happening… something bad. Defeat the two Ouaddans. Make your way to Zina’s body…   

Keep Going

Talk to Brennan about what just happened. He’ll take Zina’s body back to Kalomi, you must get back on the track the killers who got away! Head into the cave up ahead [6] In the cave you’ll bump into Bastion [7] fill him in with what just happened. He’ll tell you you need to push on towards Ouadda. Navigate through the cave defeating a collection of Terra Ranchers on the way and exit the cave [8]