Trail 1

Terra Monsters Found

Find Faraji

First thing you must to on your way to defeat the Namanja tribe is find Faraji – luckily he’s just up ahead. Stop and talk to the beefy looking guy standing next to Zina.    

Clear a Path

i asks you to clear a path for your Rangers to pass there maybe some innocent Terra Ranchers out on the trail so make sure you deal with them so that they don’t get in the way. All the Terra Ranchers are on the the windy path so just keep truckin’ on! Once you’ve defeated them all continue and talk to Faraji [2b] who is now ahead of you on the trail. He will tell you to catch up with Zina [3]    

Stop Those Scouts!

Zina has spotted a couple of Namanja Scouts across the bridge! You better go and deal with them before they jeopardise the whole operation! Once you have both defeated the scouts talk to Zina who is just up ahead and continue on the trail.    

Back Door Backtrap

We’re getting close to Namanjan terrority now and Faraji has discovered a potential flanking movement by the Namnjans! We better deal with them [4b] before we move on any more.    

Rejoin Makeena

Head east to meet up with Makeena. That’s it! We’ve succesfully travered the windy Trail 1 from Mishi to the door step of the vile Namanjans! Now for some revenge. Travel south and enter Namanja.