The Terra Monsters Wikia needs work from volunteers like you to keep it up and running. Most of the work has been completed, but there are still some things that need to be done to make it even better. If you want to help with any of the following items, please contact MeklordArmoredDragon, Nconspicuous, or EarthSensei to get more information. If you have an idea to improve the wikia that isn't on this list, talk to Nconspicuous or MeklordArmoredDragon to get it approved.

Ordered List

  • Create Map Template
  • Check all existing maps and change to fit template
  • Fill in directions and monsters for existing maps
  • Create new maps

Format checked up to Verdane


  • Put redirects on nickname pages. For example, create a page called Naught and redirect it to Firenaught. To make a redirect, just stick this into the source of the page: #REDIRECT Firenaught and change Firenaught to whichever page it's going to.
  • We need a page telling people how to use the wiki. It might cut down on unintentional vandalism if people know how to use it properly. Make sure to include asking questions, where to find information, article talk pages (if anyone knows how to use those), how people can contribute, etc.</li>
  • Reformat the forums. Need different sections for different comments, similar to official page forum.</li>
    • Check Map pages for missing pictures
    • Add pictures to the Avatar Customization page (example, picture of you wearing the flofox hat beside were it says flofox hat. Also if you do this please make the male and female avatars look the same as the other pictures.
    • Finish rewriting Hidden Stats page - Ncon
    • If your monsters have any of the following moves, contact an admin to help with pictures: Spark, Poke, Cryofist; need to recheck the pages because this may not be accurate with the new moves
    • Some still need pictures (Only maps from BlueOmega please!) Finish making all the map pages first and then go back through and see what still needs pictures. Then we can compile a complete list to send to Blue.
    • Information needs to be filled out. We might have to have one person walk around while another fills in the pages, like Ncon did with Earth.
    • Move Sorter
    • Team Builder?

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