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At this point LunaHydreigon and Collagen are returning to rebuild from the apocalyptic diaster that has crippled this wikia! We must all work together now! Luna shall be opening all pages for all users to be able to work on! Everything will be changed along with being reverted to the old style wikia we had!

  • Passive Effect Pages are needed!
  • Terra Monsters Items are needed!
  • Terra Monsters and Terra Monsters 2 pages to be created!
  • Locations to be created!
  • New Move Pages are needed! Creating TM2 Moves... (Need Pictures of... BlazeMolten ShieldSteam BathPsyfistTraining Day), Spark is missing Information...
  • New Monster Information needed! TM2 Information Finished... (Need Pictures of... Snailix Line, Skullywag Line, Rubiclawn), TM1 Information Needed...

Bond and train with over 200 Terra Monsters and save the Afer region from all out war. Make friends along the way and unlock the mysteries of Terrarium.

  • 200+ Terra Monsters to Bond with Battle and Train
  • Explore a Massive Open World
  • Amazing 3v3 Battles
  • Take on Friends or Enemies in PvP
  • Thrilling Story
  • Unique Terra Monsters with Passive Effects
  • Epic Evolutions
  • Unlock and Assign Hundreds of Different Moves


  • Now Released to Mobile!
  • The New Starters!
  • Afer's Map

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