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The Terra Dollars bar, showing some Terra Dollars.

Terra Dollars are the secondary form of currency in Terra Monsters, the first being Honor Points . Terra Dollars are used to buy much rarer and/or expensive items, and as a result they are much rarer and harder to acquire than Honor Points. They never feature in Daily Rewards, nor do they appear as quest rewards.

The main way of getting Terra Dollars is to buy them using Kreds or Facebook Credits, although small amounts can be won from the slot machine ($10 Terra Dollars), and 3 Terra Dollars are earned every other time you rank up in PVP. Winning competitions and events can also yield Terra Dollars, such events are usually announced on the Facebook page, or the Terra Monsters Kongregate Chat. Rewards can be anything from 100 Terra Dollars upwards. Guild War victories can also yield up to 50 Terra Dollars.

Terra Dollars can be used to buy much more efficient, or rarer items than Honor Points, an example being Evolution Stones. A Light Evolution Stone can be bought from the World Store for 685 Honor Points, whereas an Advanced Evolution Stone can be bought for 300 Terra Dollars. This is because while the Light Evolution Stone only reduces the amount of Evolution Points by one, the Advanced Evolution Stone reduces it by 5.

The Misc tab of the World Store, showing items selling for Honor Points, and Terra Dollars.

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