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This page is a list of problems with the game that just really bug you. (This is monitored by the devs so if you want your problems heard, speak here or forever hold your peace).

Note: Please don't post problems that are written in your own biased view which everybody hardly agree with, or are legit features/changes, such as discussing about the changed element table.

Terra Monsters (Mobile App)

Terra Monsters 2


Glitch no. 1. CYCLONINE


This is an awkward glitch which anybody can do. First, take your Terra Monsters out your lineup and click an empty slot. This brings you to a pictureless "CYCLONINE". It has a lot of weird things, like the attacks and passive effect are awkward. It always is sleeping, and all of its health/stamina things show partially full integers but full bars. Its definition is the same as a Torqupine's. Now click the Change Moves button. It will show 3 attack branches called name with the air symbol. Its attacks are tackle, tackle, tackle, and tackle. If this was a Terra Monster, this is what it would look like:

Missing number
TM2: Ranch
Evolve to Does not evolve further
Catch Rate Missing information
Evolution Process
CYCLONINE → unknown

Description (TM2)
Because their eyesight is weak, the massive Torqupine detectsits surroundings with an internal electrostatic radar and keen sense of smell.
Base Per Lv. At Lv. 50
HP 59 +# 59
Melee Attack 59 +# 59
Melee Defense 59 +# 59
Range Attack 59 +# 59
Range Defense 59 +# 59
Speed 59 +# 59
Energy 59 +# 59
Accuracy 59 +# --
Agility 59 -- --
Resistance 59 -- --

Minor Issues

Glitch No. 2. Jacuzzi in the lava


Have fun and dive in some red-hot lava! In Volcano Erta, walk to the left of Ozkan and walk toward the lava. You are now standing in the lava. Have fun splashing around!

Terra Monsters 3