Terra Monsters Found

Onwards to Ouadda

After you exit the cave keep walking on the trail.. Brennan calls you wait for him as he appears from the cave and stop to talk to him. It appears you’re now a murder suspect! Carry on walking and defeat the first Ouaddan Guard [2] 

Ouadda Revenge

After you have defeated the first Ouaddan guard talk to Brennan once more. There’s no point wasting any time with Elder Zeno after you. Head straight for the Ouaddan HQ [3b] but be warned they won’t let you walk straight up to it so be prepared to battle on the way. 

Power On

After you have defeated Elder Jumana you’ll be convinced that it may not be the Ouaddans to blame after all… For more answers you must get to Jinja, but the way to Jinja is blocked by boulders. Ouaddans have specialised equipment to clear the boulders but they need power… But the power plant has been taken over by rebels! Head east towards the power plant

Rescue Worker

On the way to the power plant Yanna will fill you in on what’s going on. Carry on east and enter the power plant [5a] When you get inside the power plant you will be met by what looks like a power plant worker.. but he’s not a power plant worker at all!! Tell him you were sent by Elder Jumana and battle will commence. After you’ve dispatched the first rebel search through the power plant looking for the real workers located at [5b] [5c] [5d] [5e]. Each worker will give you a code incase you need to deactivate the power plant, so keep a note of them. Once you have found all 4 workers speak to Darius. 

Deactivation Codes

[5E]Oh no! The alarms are going off, luckily you know how to deactivate the power plant.. Fight your way to the computer located in the control room [6]. Once you’re at the computer enter the codes in this order 8706 – 0122 – 0401 – 3212 The computer will deactivate the power plant and the crisis will be averted. (Now that the computer has deactivated the power plant you can go back up to the computer and play Hello Midnight!) Speak to Darius who is now in the generation room [7] He will tell you to go back to Elder Jumana [3b] 

Head For The Hills!

Now that the power plant is back in the hands of the Ouaddans the boulders can be cleared and you can leave Ouadda for Jinja. So head north [8]. Oh no it’s Elder Zeno he’s caught up with you. Luckily Elder Jumana will divert his attention, use this moment to make a dash for it north. Defeat the Kalomi Guards up ahead and escape to the hills [9]

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