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According to Terrarium mythology, the sea god gifted Niptune its abilities for its heroic feats and bravery in battle.


30px elementWater

Habitat: Unknown

Favorite Food: Fish

Evolution: Niptune evolves into Aquanine after Level 15 with 5 Evolution Points.

Location: Starter Monster

HP 0
Attack 4
Defense 2
Rng Attack 2
Speed 2
Agility 2
Lvl Move Element PP Description Effects Increase Effects Decrease Other Effects
1 Tackle Normal 25 A quick dive forward None None None
1 Flex Normal 15 A flex of the muscles to power up Melee Attack Melee Attack None None
6 Splash Water 25 Whips a handful of water at the opponent
10 Roar Normal 15 Scares the opponent and lowers its Attack Damage None Ranged + Melee Attack None
13 Pounce Normal 25 A sudden spring attack None None None
17 Water Gun Water 25 Channels a funnel of water towards the opponent None None None
22 Hurl Normal 20 Throws its entire body into an attack None None None
27 Water Blast Water 10 Shoots a strong surge of water at the opponent None None None
35 Water Cannon Water 15 Channels a strong funnel of water at the opponent None None None

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