In this page you will find useful information about the NPCs that are going to battle you such as their Terra Monsters and respective levels.

Vestal Cave

Apprentice Hubbard
Apprentice Hubbard (third)

Clawbster: Level 11

Predacuda: Level 11

Coralhorn: Level 12


Arcaneo: Level 13

Vesport Docks

Jomo (left side)

Flarmian: Level 9

Dragonfry: Level 11

Sootimander: Level 13

Aed (center)

Swinx: Level 9

Ignitler: Level 11

Sootimander: Level 13

Eithne (right side)

Swinx: Level 9

Sootimander: Level 11

Sootiraptor: Level 13

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