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2nd 3rd Type Secondary Element
Equinair Equiness Air
Moxtail Vextail Thrashtail Fire
Gazolt Volteer Shadowvolt Electric
Ignitler Flamoose Fire
Lotheo Hytheo Water
Swinx Sonax Air
Staria Celestail Celestroah Arcane
Pandemite Pandora Pandorum Fire
Flofox Wintail Cyclonine Air
Tomaling Tomahawk Air
Dozer Earth
Oarion Ice
Chipmunkey Earth
Racket Ratchet Racruel Earth
Scuda Predacuda Leviacuda Water
Allistinker Fouligator Earth Water
Coralpie Coralhorn Water
Strutwing Strutwind Air
Flarmian Firmitaur Firenaught Fire Air
Yeticrab Yeticlaw Yetiking Ice
Dragonfry Dragonflare Fire Air
Shriken Jastrike Air
Turanom Pendrill Chillbeak Ice
Dandylion Purrpetal Vioness Earth
Hoodwink Robbinghood Vilewing Air Arcane
Sootimander Sootiraptor Sootragon Fire
Joltermite Voltermite Electric
Mothball Fluster Motharch Earth Air
Electripine Sporkupine Torqupine Electric
Tortipous Tortitank Water
Yantis Buntis Air
Spoompkin Arcane
Krabken Clawbster Clawlossal Water
Sapress Oaklore Earth
Grynn Heckyll Cackyll Arcane
Ursnobal Ursicle Urstorm Ice
Bananteater Bananivore Earth
Brak Bufflow Earth
Foxpaw Pranktail Jestar Arcane
Shino Rhiyew Earth
Lotis Mantislash Earth Air
Lothea Hythea Water
Hootenant Generowl Air
Chompie Chomper Earth
Snozo Serpquin Cobrozo Arcane
Ampint Gorillamp Electric
Oddcat Pinclaw Quirkat Arcane
Wolvus Maulverine Electric
Manticub Manteri Amperor Electric
Snowyrm Ragewyrm Ice Air
Niptune Aquanine Carnivice Water Ice
Arcaneo Arcane
Gorillastein Frankilla Arcane
Mecha Dozer Earth
Dark Dozer Earth
Flarmiblue Fire
Dashing Equinair Dashing Equiness Air
Darthmunk Earth
Narwhalite Water
Magicaneo Arcane
Glowino Gloyew Electric
Mothgod Earth Arcane
Lavyrm Magmawyrm Fire Electric
Roboracruel Electric Earth
Roboamp Electric Ice
Roboheckyll Electric Arcane
Robogator Electric Earth
Thrashbot Electric Fire
Robonax Electric Air

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