TM2: #189
TM2: Evolve Lumineer, Mountain Cave
Evolve to Does not evolve further
Catch Rate 40
Evolution Process
Clovice → Lumineer → Majestice

Description (TM2)
Majestice is a highly seclusive Terra Monster. Seeing one is not only rare but considered a good omen by many. (Ice)
Base Per Lv. At Lv. 50
HP 67 +9 517
Melee Attack 56 +1.8 90
Melee Defense 47 +3 150
Range Attack 68 +3.4 170
Range Defense 59 +3.5 175
Speed 62 +3 150
Energy 270 +3.9 465
Accuracy 49 +2 --
Agility 65 -- --
Resistance 100 -- --

Ranged Branch
Pounce Hurl Ram Lunge Charge Slam Headbutt Body Slam
Melee Branch
Scratch Bash Claw Stomp Slash Thrash Maul Rampage
Supporting Branch
Rally Cover Block Blind Roar Valor Fortify Purge
Ranged Branch
Hail Frostbreath Arctic Blast Deep Freeze Tundra Blast Blizzard Avalanche
Melee Branch
Cold Snap Ice Claw Frost Bite Glacial Slide Ice Smash Frost Fang Ice Drill
Supporting Branch
White Breath Frost Cloak Winter's Mark Cool Down Ice Shield Snow Drift Cold Front

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