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Evolve to Does not evolve further
Catch Rate Missing information
Evolution Process
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Description (TM2)
The legendary Magmawyrm is elusive and very dangerous, if you find signs of its mighty coils in the dirt, it's already too late.
> Ragewyrm


HP 1
Attack 3
Defense 2
Rng Attack 2
Speed 2
Agility 3
  • These stats are based upon Online version.
LVL 1 Per LVL LVL 100
HP unknown unknown unknown
Melee Attack unknown unknown unknown
Melee Defense unknown unknown unknown
Range Attack unknown unknown unknown
Range Defense unknown unknown unknown
Speed unknown unknown unknown
Agility unknown unknown unknown

Available Moves

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
1 Impale Normal Melee 15 65 Medium Paralyze(25%)
1 Stonehide Earth Other 100 0 No Energy Melee & Ranged Defense(+30%)
1 Sting Earth Melee 15 45 Medium Poison(30%), Flinch(30%)
38 Lava Surge Fire Ranged 15 70 Medium Burn(40%)
41 Slam Normal Melee 17 60 Medium Flinch(20%)
44 Inferno Fire Melee 16 80 Medium Melee Attack(+20%)
47 Thunderbolt Electric Ranged 15 65 Medium Melee & Ranged Attack(+25%), Speed(+80%), Paralyze(10%)