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The honor points bar, displaying some honor points.

Honor Points are the main currency used in the Terra Monster universe, used to buy the majority of items, including Bait, Crystals, Potions and more! They are almost exclusively obtained by completing Quests, although sometimes they feature as a Daily Reward, along with another item.

Honor Points are acquired in-game by completing quests, but you can also buy them from the Kred store(Kongregate only). As you progress through the game you'll find the reward for completing quests becomes greater as the quests get more difficult. TSC's are one of the main ways of acquiring Honor Points in-game, as each TSC gives you anywhere from 100 to 350 Honor Points, which results in a whopping 1950 Honor Points per day.

Council Dailies also reward you with 100 Honor Points if you defeat them within the alotted time, but as you must wait 24 hours after defeating them, it isn't advisable to use Councils as a source of Honor, unless you need to.


The Potions tab of the world store, showing prices for Honor Points, and for more powerful potions, Terra Dollars.

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