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In Terra Monsters 2: Land of Afer, guilds are located in almost every town (Mishi (The Earth guild), Namanja (The Water guild), Ouadda (The electric guild), Trail 4 (The Arcane guild), Jinja (The Ice guild), Kismayo (The fire guild) and Mombassi (The air guild)). To join a guild, you must defeat the strongest person in the guild which is always in the far right and get at least five monsters of the element of the guild. Once you joined all the guilds you will trigger a legendary storyline which will let you enter the guild land and requires you to defeat many people that try to capture the legendaries for their own good (they are all level 90 or above, so be prepared!). When you finish the missions and have saved all of the legendary monsters from the guild's harm, you meet up with Jonah, the master of all legendaries, allows you to choose one of the seven legendary Terra monsters of your choice. The seven legendary terra monsters include Inferram, Aquarin, Skelinoth, Taurysos, Glaciolin, Squallan and Galaynx. Choose wisely because it only allow you to have one legendary.