Terra Monsters Online

DeveloperSocial Titans
World MusicCasper Lam
Main Theme & Battle MusicDVG Music
Game DesignJohnathan Starnes
ProgrammingAndrew Starnes

Terra Monsters 2: Land of Afer

Producer: Andrew Shkreli
Project Lead: Ricky Nguyen
Devoloped by: Andrew Starnes, Jonathan Starnes, Andrew Shkreli
Creature Designs: Terry Tibke, Serana Henderson, Antonio Chiu
Programmed by: Andrew Starnes
Animated by: Jonathan Starnes
Written by: Jonathan Starnes, Ricky Nguyen, Terry Tibke

Terra Monsters 3

Terra Monsters was Created by:
  • Andrew Starnes
  • Jonathan Starnes
  • Andrew Shrekli
  • Ricky Nguyen
  • Antonio Chiu
  • Terry Tibke
  • Jasper Rubino
Music by:
  • Eternal Sushi
  • David Carney

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