Number TM2LoA : #6
Location TM2LoA : Evolve Pyrolisk
Evolve to Does not evolve further
Catch Rate 128
Evolution Process
Viperno → Pyrolisk → Blazilisk

Ancient civilizations revered and worshipped Blazilisks for their strength and grace. They mistakingly took them for dragons of legend when they flew over towns at night. (Fire)

Base Per Lv. At Lv. 50
HP 75 +9.3 540
Melee Attack 60 +# 165
Melee Defense 48 +# 165
Range Attack 97 +# 165
Range Defense 70 +# 165
Speed 57 +# 165
Energy 335 +# 510
Accuracy 45 +# --
Agility 60 -- --
Resistance 80 -- --

Attacking Branch 1
Pounce Hurl Ram Lunge Charge Slam Headbutt Body Slam
Attacking Branch 2
Scratch Bash Claw Stomp Slash Thrash Maul Rampage
Supporting Branch
Rally Cover Block Blind Roar Valor Forify Purge
Attacking Branch 1
Ignite Torch Heatwave Blaze Flamethrower Firestorm Pyroclasm
Attacking Branch 2
Pyroclap Fire Fang Pyro Punch Combustion Heatstrike Inferno Charge Incinerate
Supporting Branch
Smokescreen Smolder Fire Brand Lava Moat Steam Molten Shield Sauna

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